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Villa with an swimming pool in an outdoor area of 200m2 in the historic center of Crato.

Portrait of Marisa Osorio Farinha - Luxury holiday rentals Alentejo Villas in Portugal

Co-founder and artistic director of the brand SIÈCLE Paris for the past thirty years, Marisa has developed a universe centred on the art of hospitality and love for the decorative arts, for the handmade and for the handicraft of excellence.


Marisa is presently developing the concept Alentejo Villas by SIÈCLE, of which the House of the Birds constitutes the first element.

To receive her guests in an environment punctuated by her own creations, while at the same time providing them with the opportunity of getting to know this region of the Alto Alentejo, where she spent such beautiful moments in her childhood, is today her greatest ambition.

A unique concept developed by Marisa Osorio Farinha

Handpainted frescoes of the h

“The particular and distinctive way of experiencing Time in the Alentejo makes us realize that, after all, it may be one of our most prized possessions.”

Exterior swimming pool
yellow bedroom
Salle de bain maison des oiseaux
Lustre de la salle à manger
Escalier extérieur vers la piscine
Transat et laurier
Lustre de la salle à manger
Décoration en émail salle de séjour
Salle de séjour maison des oiseaux
Entrée de la maison des oiseaux
Buste en marbre à l'entrée
Lampe en bois design

History, nature and decorative arts:     

a different kind of tourism

Historic towns embody the identity of a territory and its population.

Located in the heart of a historical town, Alentejo Villas by SIÈCLE represents a new kind of proximity tourism, where the past and history open up the discovery of new experiences and sensations.


Through its historical importance, its well-preserved nature and the quality of its gastronomy, the town of Crato, with its surrounding countryside, is the ideal site to receive this project.

All activities in Alentejo Villas


In order that guests of the House of the Birds may become acquainted with this art of hunting, one of the oldest and most aristocratic in the world, our falconers will come in situ to teach them the basic skills and techniques of handling and flying these magnificent birds of prey.


Equipped with a falconer’s glove, boots and a suitable jacket, our guests will then be ready to proceed to the nearby hunting ground, where they can discover, as active participants, the close relationship between man and bird of prey, at one with nature.

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