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Chef José Júlio Vintém – Tomba Lobos Restaurant Alentejano

Born in Portalegre in 1972, José Júlio Vintém is a talented self-taught cook who aims to preserve and perpetuate the culinary traditions of the Alto Alentejo. He is today one of the most important chefs in the region.


His style of cooking, half way between tradition and creation, is based on local products, aromas, flavours and customs.

The 29,694 hectares of the São Mamede Natural Park have been, since early childhood, his natural habitat, and it is there that he finds the small producers who provide him with the seasonable products which he chooses personally, adapting his menu according to their availability.


It is from there, too, that come the seasonable game, the olive oil and the marvelous wine of the Portalegre terroir. Since he seldom strays far from his home, you may easily chance upon him while he is picking mushrooms or the aromatic herbs which perfume his dishes.

The guests of the House of the Birds will have at their disposal a range of gastronomic experiences suggested by our friend José Júlio.



José Júlio Vintém, a true master of taste, knows how to fascinate us with his terroir gastronomy, composed of simple and natural products which he cooks with perfect technique and harmony


20 € - 35 € per person

In the Alentejo, where sharing and being in company constitute the essence of gastronomy, the Portuguese culinary institution of petiscos (equivalent to the Spanish tapas) is a true art of living. Whether in a party or as a twosome, our guests will be able to appreciate and enjoy these small dishes accompanied by wine of the region.



It is when osmosis occurs between cooking and sommellerie that a meal turns into a real celebration.

José Júlio Vintém, who is naturally in love with the wines of the Alentejo and, in particular, with those of his terroir of Portalegre, will be able to propose to our guests a wonderful, memorable gourmet moment, consisting in a perfect combination between food and wine.

45 € per person

Thematic menu conceived around a particular local product: mushrooms, game, aromatic herbs, freshwater fish...


The menu will vary in accordance with the season of the year.



40 € - 60 € per person

40 € per person

For those wishing to discover the secrets of Alentejo gastronomy, José Júlio Vintém will open the doors to his kitchen and explain to them the art of cooking the dishes and petiscos they most appreciate.


Tasting of the dishes cooked during the course will be accompanied with appropriate wines of the region.


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